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[The Case of the Amazing VS Arashi]

After the behind-the-scenes of VS Arashi was published, it became quite the hot topic among Arashi fans, who marveled at how their happy Thursday evenings are produced. The pages came from the recent issue of The Television Zoom. The second picture showed extremely intricate designs of the game sets in VS Arashi. What’s most amazing is the first picture. 

As Arashi fans would know, Cliff Climb is a game in the show where challengers would have to climb up a wall using horseshoe-like handles. Climbers can request for additional handles which they could plug into holes in the wall. I am sure we have all wondered at times how the handles can be plugged in so easily and yet never seem to fall off. Apparently, it is manpoweredEach time a handle gets plugged in, a staff pulls on the other side to keep the handle in place. According to the magazine, there are at least 9 staff members behind the walls trying to catch up to the handles that are being plugged in. 

Also in the same page, it was mentioned that in the area on the left and right of Kicking Sniper’s set, there are a ton of staff stacking up the barrels for kicking as well. 



Nino    ^  ^ “


Nino    ^  ^ “


Nino: From Penname “VS Nino”. When Haruna Ai was VS Arashi’s Plus One guest, I watched it. It seemed like everyone had fun. Following that, Ninomiya-san and Ohno-san performed Girl’s Generation, so I wondered if you had time to practice. Or if you performed if without rehearsal,…


Make me choose: GPF 2013 SP K&C or Sochi Olympics SP K&C

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